I always wondered what it meant

when one person said to another, you complete me.

It didn’t make any sense,

because how could another human being complete them?

Were they not whole?

Did they have a piece missing that only they knew about,

And have now found the person with the missing piece?

It didn’t make sense, in fact it sounded like a whole lot of rubbish.

… Until I encountered YOU.

YOU who saw me from the beginning of time, even before you formed me in secret places.

YOU who numbered my days before there were any.

YOU who knows the exact number of hairs on my head.

YOU who catches my every tear.

YOU who is with me in my downsitting, in my upstanding, in my going out, and my coming in.

YOU who knows my thoughts before they are formed in my head.

YOU whose plans for me are for good, to give me a hope and a future.

YOU who establishes my works, when I present my thoughts to you.

YOU who loves me with an unconditional, unfailing, everlasting all consuming love.

YOU who sent your son to die, that I may know YOU.

Words could never express my love for YOU,

actions could never define my longing for YOU,

all I know is ….



Angela Wambua © 2013


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