He waited until I lifted my head and saw Him.
He waited with His arms outstretched until I walked tentatively into them.
I had run far, I had run fast, but He had waited for me.
I was drinking, and smoking and fornicating trying to mask the pain,
But, He waited.
I went looking for love in all the wrong places, still,
He waited.
I got angry because “Where were you when I needed you most? How could you let this happen to me?”
Still, He waited.
I refused to acknowledge Him,
Still, He waited.
While I tried to hide from Him,
He waited.
While I hemmed and hawed, “I don’t trust you! You weren’t there when I needed you.”
He waited
He waited so that He could set me free.
He waited so that He could show me love.
He waited till I saw myself through His eyes.
He waited till I learned to trust Him. Trusted Him enough to give Him all of me; all the ugliness, all the shame, all the hurt.
He waited until I learned to recognize His voice.
He waited, even when I wanted to be disobedient,
He waited until I said “Yes Papa, I’ll do it”
He waited for me to align to His will, and even on those days when I want to give up “Papa what’s the point?”
He waits for me to lift my face to Him and He says to me,
“I AM here! I have always been here! I will always be here!”
He waited. He waits. He will wait.


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