Blessed Sunday all, and a very Happy Mother’s day to all mothers. I thank God for the blessing of mothers.

Today, I am thankful for home, specifically that I am always able to come back home. Here I mean home in the physical sense, as well as the Spiritual sense.

I had to move back home with my parents a few years ago; I touch on it in my post ‘Lessons from the Wilderness’ here. Anyway, it was difficult for me to move back home because I’d been independent for a number of years, and so I felt like a failure, like I was regressing instead of progressing. It wasn’t until this week actually, that I realized the lesson and the blessing in me being able to come back home. I am so blessed, and so very thankful to have parents who are believers, and so it was important for me during this time of transition, that I move back and be under their covering, especially my father’s (y’all let me just tell you that there is power when a mother prays, but when that prayer is backed up by a father’s prayer, it is something else y’all). Mom, dad, thank you for teaching us that we can always, always come back home.

Papa thank You because I can always come back home. I thank you because You have taught me that no matter how far I go, I can never be too far from You, and home. Thank You Papa because Your arms are always open wide to receive me back home, and I can never take that for granted.

Today, I am thankful for home.




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