Photo Credit: Pixabay

Today, I am thankful for my grandparents.

I never knew my grandfather on my father’s side, he died many years before I was born. Even though I never knew him,  I am thankful that he lived, because from him came my father. My grandma, my father’s mother ‘mwaitu’ is 111 years old. Papa I thank You for mwaitu, I thank You because You gave her the strength and resources to raise 9 children as a widow. I thank You for the many years You have blessed her with. You have blessed her with 35 grand babies and 24 great grand babies, thank You.

I lost my grandpa on my mother’s side ‘kuka’ in 2012. It was hard losing him, but Papa thank You because his suffering ended. I know he is resting with You in heaven. Thank You for the years we had with him; kuka used to help me with my math homework when I was young. I miss his calm unassuming nature, he taught me to serve for Your sake, for the Kingdom not for the sake of acknowledgement. Thank You for my mother’s mother ‘nyanya’. Thank You because nyanya is a woman after Your heart. She taught mom to pray fervently for her children and husband, lessons which she has passed on to me. She taught mom, how to be a godly wife, lessons which she has also shared with me. I am thankful that You continue to give her strength and wisdom to raise her family, and to continue doing Your work.

Today,  I am thankful for my grandparents.



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