Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

Today I am thankful for my femininity, or more accurately, I am thankful for rediscovering my femininity.

My parents raised a lady. A lady who cooks, cleans and can change a tyre or a light bulb if she needs to, I’ve always been a girly girl. Somewhere in the midst of my rebellion, I lost myself. I was working in an office where I was the only female more often than not, and I felt like I had to suppress my femininity so that I could be taken seriously. Soon it became a kind of shield, a way to protect myself
from being hurt. A mask I put on so nobody could see me. I thank God because He has been working on me and helping me get back to being His girly girl, and embracing my femininity once more, and darn it I feel amazing, I’m loving this new me.

Today, I am thankful for my femininity.



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