Photo credit: Pixabay

Today, I am thankful for books.

I love books. I love reading. I love the smell and feel of a new book; new meaning I’ve never read it before. When I was young, my mom would ‘threaten’ to take me to the book store and have them lock me up in there for the night, because I was devouring the books faster than she could buy them. I lived in such hope, wondering when the day would finally come that I would have the run of the book store *MY PRECIOUS*. I have to admit, I’m still disappointed she never followed through on her threat. Point is, I love books.

Papa thank You for books. Thank You for the ability to read, the ability to acquire books, and the availability of books. I am thankful that You reveal Yourself to me in the written word, regardless of whether I’m reading the Bible, or a novel. Thank You for teaching me something new with every book I read.

Today, I am thankful for books.



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