Today, I am thankful for my siblings.

I am the eldest of six children, five girls and one boy, and I thank God everyday for my siblings. I have different relationships with each one of them. Being the eldest, I usually find myself in the role of caretaker, and advise giver. I have to admit though, I used to resent the fact that I’m always cast in the role of caretaker and nurturer. However, I have come to learn that it is a gift that God has given me, the ability to make people feel taken care of, I just need to remember that it’s okay for me to accept taking care of, and to take some time out for me, I need not feel guilty about it.

Papa, thank You for my siblings. Thank You for using me to bless and care for them. Thank You for teaching me to take joy from giving of myself to them, because I’m serving You in the process. Thank You especially for teaching me to allow them to take care of me in return, especially during this season, because I am allowing them to serve you. I am thankful for the laughs, the hugs, the fights, the refereeing and the riding for each other, #Youmesswithoneofusyougetsallofus.

Today, I am thankful for my siblings.









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