Today, I am thankful for my ex boyfriends.

A couple of years ago, I bumped into a guy I knew in college. We get to talking, you know the usual, “How you been?” “What are you doing now?” and so on. Of course, the conversation quickly moved into, “So are you married?” He had on a wedding band so obviously I’m not the one who asked. Anyway, he then started talking about my college boyfriend, and how everyone thought that he and I would get married, and how they were all disappointed when we broke up; we had a fan club, who knew? He then asked me what happened. I can still remember the look of confusion on his face when I said to him “It wasn’t meant to be, and I would have ruined him.” It’s a long story but the point is, if I had married my college boyfriend, I would have turned a good man into a bitter, regretful, hurting mess because I was a HOT mess emotionally and spiritually. So I am thankful for my college boyfriend, he taught me that there really are good men out there who will love, honor, respect and cherish the woman they’re with. (He really ruined it for the guys I dated after him though)

I am thankful for all the guys I dated before Jesus, I am thankful for each lesson I learned with each heartbreak. I am thankful that none of those experiences will be wasted because my Papa will work each and every one for my good.

I am thankful for the one guy I have dated since I re dedicated my life to Christ. He taught me that it is very possible to have a well-rounded relationship without sex. He taught me that a man whose heart belongs to God, will respect my decision to wait, and will help me on that journey.

Today, I am thankful for my ex boyfriends.



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