Today, I am thankful for memories.

My mom’s been cleaning out their room [which is in itself something to be thankful for because … well, my mom has a slight hoarding problem]. Anyway she’s been cleaning out her room,  and she happened across some letters, the pen and paper kind of letters, from my high school days. They brought back some memories of a time when things were simple. There were schedules, rules and regulations we had to abide by, and I still follow some of those rules today for example I don’t litter, I don’t walk on lawns and I make my bed immediately I get up in the morning.

I remembered being in the school choir, drama club, and girl guides. I remembered my roommates and how they were my family those four years of high school. I remembered my teachers and my classmates and the high jinx we would get up to once in a while; it was a Catholic school so the opportunities for high jinx were few and far between.

Above all though, I was able to remember that God has always been integral to who I am, even when I tried to run away from Him. I remembered that even before I started on the rebellious spree, He loved me and He knew that I was going to dive head first into rebellion. He knew also that even in my rebellion I would remain conscious of His love for me; even though at the time I didn’t want anything to do with it. I am thankful for the memories, because I am able to see all things working for my good.

Today, I am thankful for memories.



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