I like to consider myself a student of life and the human condition. I have a tendency to immerse myself in the acquisition of all the available information on whichever subject has captured my attention at that moment, whether its a disease, how people live and interact with one another. Whatever the subject matter I’m endlessly fascinated by human beings.

I have to admit though that stoma bags and ostomy surgery are not a subject that I had ever delved into. I knew the basic premise of a stoma bag and the need for one, but not much else.

Stoma, ostomy surgery and stoma bags are not subjects people like to talk about. It is exactly that not talking that causes stigma for those living with stoma, and their families. However, two amazing, beautiful women have chosen to share their stories of living with stoma here, in an effort to raise awareness, and end the stigma surrounding stoma.I applaud them both for their courage in sharing their stories and Flawnting it.

Allow me to introduce Keziah Okanga and Sally Kwenda. Sally is living with a stoma, and Keziah is a survivor and Ostomy advocate. Read their stories here.

Keziah Okanga and Sally Kwenda

Sally’s Story: 

I attend a lot of funerals for Ostomates and non Ostomates and because I am always trying to create awareness and people know this about me, sometimes the families ask me not to talk about stoma. There is so much stigmatization surrounding this condition. We need to educate people.

My name is Sally Kwenda. I wear a colostomy bag. My condition started from going for a simple pap smear test. I had no symptoms whatsoever; it’s just that the staff at my office had been told to get screened. After the screening it was discovered that I had stage two cervical cancer. Read more 


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