Happy Sunday friends. I pray that you have all had/are having a great Sunday. 

I was driving home with my brother this afternoon, and so we were talking and he shared with me that he feels like he hasn’t achieved all he wanted to achieve this year. He was feeling like,  “Time is passing, and I’m getting older, I can’t afford to waste any more time. ” Now, please understand that this dude is 11 years younger than me, and I’ve been sitting at home for three years now “doing nothing”. Granted it’s been a wilderness season, and I know that Papa has been working on me, and preparing me for my place of purpose, so I can’t call it wasted time, but I totally get where he’s coming from.  Even knowing that I’m where I am supposed to be for now, and that I’m walking in obedience to Papa’s will, I have times of frustration ;y’all remember the 100 days of gratitude? That was born out a period of frustration. All I’m saying is, frustration and I are well acquainted. 

Anyway so as he’s sharing his frustration, he lists the things he has accomplished this year, and let me tell you, he has achieved quite a bit. Problem is though, he didn’t take the time to celebrate his small victories, as a result, they’ve been overshadowed by his plans and desires for his life. I had to remind him to take a beat and celebrate the things he has been able to achieve this year, and celebrate the fact that today he is not the man he was in January.

So this is just a reminder to all of us to celebrate the small things, and realise that today, you are not the same person I was at the beginning of the year, a month ago, or even yesterday, and tomorrow you won’t be the same person you are today. It’s important to have desires, and plans to achieve those desires, equally important is celebrating the progress you are making. 

If you don’t celebrate the small things because you think they are insignificant, or that they not necessarily in alignment with your vision/plan, or whatever other reason, what makes you think that you’ll be able to celebrate the big things. It is important that we learn to honor God by celebrating the small things, so that we can continue to honor Him and celebrate the big things.

Have a blessed week people.

Much love.




  1. “…he didn’t take the time to celebrate his small victories, as a result, they’ve been overshadowed by his plans and desires for his life.” Here is one of the challenges of proper goal-setting. Discipline to achieve is one thing; discipline to celebrate is equally important. It’s important for the morale of a company, but also for the encouragement of an individual, including myself. Thanks for the reminder!

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